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Managed IT Services

Our managed IT services allow you to keep control of costs and minimise management overheads while accessing a flexible, pre-qualified pool of talented professionals


and product sourcing

Our nimble and creative approach to product definition and development is integrated organically with product design based on priorities expressed by the client. Business and IT team can continuously keep an eye on how effectively their concepts have been taken to execution and implementation.


and software support

No matter where or how you currently house your IT infrastructure, we have the systems, process and people to ensure it stays up and running. Our team of experts would be happy to work with your business to understand your changing needs and ensure that your systems support your future goals.



When your business requires technology leadership and advice from an external source, our team of business technology leaders can help provide an IT perspective to your vision. We will take the latest technology and apply it to your ideas and business workflows so you can focus on what’s really matter to you.

We build trust

with clients by providing sound advice and support.

Through consultation with executives and their management teams, we help to assess opportunities for future growth – including improved marketing and online presence. NARVA ensures quality service and project health by consistently and honestly reporting the progress of new initiatives to clients.

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